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Latterly, St Columba's (Uidh) was used as an Episcopalian place of worship until 1829 when a fiercely evangelical brand of Scottish Presbyterianism swept across the island and a new Thomas Telford designed Church was built in nearby Knock.

In Rev John Cameron's 'New Statistical Account for Scotland' of 1833, he states, "the chapel at Ui has strong walls still standing. The south-west end of it is roofed and slated; the minister of Stornoway used to preach there, once in six weeks, before the Government Church was erected".

Episcopal worship then moved to St Peter's Episcopal Church in Stornoway while the name, St Columba's, was assumed by a new Church of Scotland built in 1794 in the town. St Columba's, Uidh, became a forgotten place.


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