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Clan Chief Visits Ui Church

Chief Donald Macleod of The Lewes visited Ui Church and met the Directors of Urras Eaglais na h-Aoidhe on a gloriously sunny day last week. The Chief, with his wife, Heather, and daughter, Laura, were visiting Lewis on their way from Tasmania, where they live, to the Clan Macleod Parliament on Skye.

Chief Donald had heard of the work done on Eaglais na h-Aoidhe since his last visit in 2008 and he was keen to see it. He was very impressed with what he saw; the beautifully preserved walls, the layout in the Eastern Chapel and the quality of the grave slabs which are being protected in the Western Chapel. He was equally pleased with the look of the graveyard and the fact that records are being gathered on people who are buried there. As Clan Chief, Donald congratulated the Urras on the work done, which was completed in 2013, and on the care being taken of the old building and graveyard where 19 Chiefs of Clan Macleod are said to have been buried.

Chief Donald Macleod of The Lewes was born and educated in Hobart, Tasmania. He is a professional engineer who took leading roles in the development and management of electric power systems both in Australia and internationally from South Asia to the Western Pacific. Donald is the elder son of the late Torquil Roderick Macleod of The Lewes, succeeding him as chief of The Lewes in March 2001. Chief Donald maintains an active interest in Clan Macleod affairs and attends not only Clan Macleod events, but also as a Macleod Chief, highland games and other Scottish gatherings.

The visit ended with a delicious lunch in Cafe Roo.


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